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حمل التطبيق واستمتع بخدماتنا، أو اتصل بنا لمزيد من الامتيازات

كل يوم من أجل حياة أفضل

تعبئة الهاتف، الفواتير، الألعاب الإلكترونية، التلفزة والتطبيقات

والعديد من الخدمات الإخرى...

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OnePay User

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See the best services and characteristics that we


OnePay للمستعمل

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OnePay app available on all devices

You can download the app in different app suites and join our community that uses One Pay user  every day as a solution for online payment.

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OnePay Pro the application of the Moroccan merchant

Save your time and money and download One pay app now.


Designed and developed by our talents for our dear users; To facilitate payment processing (telecom recharge, invoices, vignette, electronic games, TV, etc.) in order to better manage transactions in an innovative and efficient way.

Our Games

Our Premium features

Various easy, smart, and digital services are available to the Moroccan merchant on the OnePay Pro application


Download the application and benefit from our services.

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The application of the Moroccan trader

A panoply of digital tools are at the service of the Moroccan trader, to help him manage his business well; Loyalty accounts for its customers, cash register, credit book... and much more


Our teams are eager to support you until you use the OnePay Pro application at home for free.


Omar, Tangier 

"I chose OnePay and I have not regretted it, a very good application with excellent customer service"


"It's very exceptional what you offer, You are great!! Thank you!"


Hassan, Casa

"you are no doubt  one of the best existing applications, it helped me a lot with payment."


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