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One Pay pro gives you the possibility to manage all your collections in a single place with their history and also the amounts collected.

Easily download One Pay Pro on Google play and appp store and eliminate your obstacles for the proper execution of your activity.

Nos Avantages

Our benefits are developed to help you have optimal management of your point of sale, One pay pro integrates all the features

essential for your business, all in an elegant and customizable interface.

Comment fonctionne t-il ?

Download the Onepay pro app

on Google play and app store.


Developed and programmed for payment of products and services purchased in-store

Among these advantages :

Greater accuracy of information 

Simplified Reporting 

Speed of service

Register and open your pro account particularized for merchants.


Designed specifically for merchants to facilitate their collection tasks, it allows you to :

Have clear visibility on customers who have not paid

Better revenue management

Clarity and organization 

Enjoy sharp and advanced advantages, developed by

financial experts for a good approach

to your receipts.


By obtaining our loyalty card, you have the ability to have special advantages :

Important rewards (cash back, gifts...)

Participation in the raffle 

Become a Preferred Customer 

Inventory management 

To contact our sales service 

Order your Pack now and start your adventure with OnePay

Click on the WhatsApp link now to start the conversation with our sales agent.

Customer reviews 
What do traders think of us?

"I am satisfied with the application and the company's offer, very interesting features that help me do my job efficiently, I thank the company Onepay for the invention of this tool" 

"OnePay is a key part of our rapid growth as its simplicity and efficiency has allowed us to focus on other things. The app has made the payment process very easy for us and customers too"

Thank you for such great services, features

are unbeatable 


Mouad, Casablanca

Hassan, Rabat 

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